Thursday, 11 October 2012

London Fashion Week [LFW] : Day 2

Hi guys! Sorry this has taken so long! Been really busy since uni has started again. I'll update more on my after I've finished blogging my fashion week adventures!  

So I got down to Somerset House well after mid-day... and yeah! 

The above three photos are amongst my fave of the whole duration of Fashion Week! The girl in the middle's print dress, and the the guy's jacket MUST BE MINE ! I like their ginger girl's style, especially the skirt. She's like a walking pillar of flame!

The Givenchy t-shirts, especially the one in the middle are really beautiful. The sheer simplicity with just a colourful but small print make it ones of those pieces you can wear effortlessly with nearly anything! Also loving that pink knit jumper!

I really like the Jeremy Scott x Adidas jacket that the lady on the left is wearing. Wearing JS' designs takes a lot of of courage, and even then, you have to have the right swag to rock it, else you look a hot mess. And the guy on the left's whole composition is beautiful, especially mixed with a t-shirt from the Versace for H&M collection.

I really enjoyed Day 2 of LFW because I made some new friends! They were all so nice and very fashionable and cool! ^^

From left to right: Yusuke, Siqi and Dodo. Siqi's Jeffrey Campbell platforms are so beautiful. Yusuke looks ethereal and I'm just in general awe of Dodo.

 L-R: Randa, Emmie and Rei. Randa's style is awesome, she looks like a cool awesome candy floss witch! Especially in lvoe with the "BADMAN" crop top by Jade Clark. Emmie's corset jeans are beautiful, as is Rei's ZARA military jacket!

L-R: Joel, Ananya and finally Randa & I. Joel and Ananya look amzing in KTZ tees, and I'm in love with Ananya's hair and skirt. I felt SO plain next to everyone that day xD

In-between Siqi & Randa is Chiara. I'm pretty sure I took an individual shot of her but cant find it anywhere, she's like the suave blogger here. ^^

Had such a fun day! Bring on LFW SS' 13!

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