Saturday, 16 February 2013

London Fashion Week AW '13 [LFW] : Day 1

Hey guys! So for AW' 13, Fashion Week is from February 15th- 19th, and I made my way to Somerset House to try and get some street style snaps. It was such an eventful day, so please, read on and enjoy the photos...

Friday, 18 January 2013

London Fashion Week [LFW] : Day 4

Happy New Year! I've noticed how sparse my posts on this blog have gotten. I really must fix up. nyway, here are photos from LFW day 4 (these are old photos! From 'SS13):

To the left, Roisin, the Fashion Mermaid, and to the right, a young man in a KTZ jacket and Katie Eary tee.

Nikita and Nathan. Nathan looks amazing dressed head to toe in Givenchy.

To the left, Dodo, in a KTZ hoody and Jeremy Scott x Adidas trainers. To the right, Joel, in Katie Eary jacket & tee, and Doc Martens.

Stella, looking dreamy in a soft blue ensemble.

 Forever in love by the outfits assembled by the ladies in the above photos, the PRINT! :')

In the middle, Ananya looking fabulous. And to the right, a young man in Givenchy.

The lady on the left's dress is wicked, and to the right, awesome jumper, coupled with KTZ leggings.

Ryu in the middle, and a pretty girl in loli to the right.

Girl on the left in a Givenchy tee.

Yusuke to the right.

And finally, us! To the left I am with Dodo and Joel, and to the right with Ananya. They've got such awesome style, and I was really happy to have met them. Here's to next Fashion Week! Further apologies for the lateness of this post! 

Ashley x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

London Fashion Week [LFW] : Day 3

I must apologise for the long update between this and my last post. I had meant to post more Fashion Week photos weeks ago, but... yeah, that didn't happen. This particular day, I was very hungover (please excuse any blurry shots). UGH. ANYWAY, here they are:

Loving the digital rose print tracksuit worn by the guy in the middle photo!

Florals on the left, paisley in the middle and a kilt on the right... I cannot. Especially the kilt, I really want one T_T

 Now, the above three photos... oh man. The shirt worn by the guy on the left, every garment in the second photo, and the bead chain worn by the guy on the right... 

I didn't take as much photos, I was so out of it! ><