Saturday, 16 February 2013

London Fashion Week AW '13 [LFW] : Day 1

Hey guys! So for AW' 13, Fashion Week is from February 15th- 19th, and I made my way to Somerset House to try and get some street style snaps. It was such an eventful day, so please, read on and enjoy the photos...

The menswear that I saw on Friday was really interesting. I saw a lot of experimentation with patterns, prints and textures. Check the guy in middle's clogs!

To the left, Stella

Texture and print experimentation wasn't just limited to the menswear though! Look the that furry jacket! Saki on the left, and Maria Pizzeria in the middle.

KTZ seemed to be really popular with the attendees! Check the girl on the left's dress. And I'm loving the androgynous ensemble of the guy on the right.

Above we have the guy in the middle in Jeremy Scott x Adidas, and check out the 2NE1 wings! >< And to the right of him, Byron.

Friends! To the left is Rei, and I love his experiment with layers and different textures of black. Rocking Kenzo & OS Accessories (can't remember which other labels he's wearing, kmt), deffo one of the most interesting ensembles of the day.

To the middle is Siqi, in a KTZ tee, and I love the mix and match of simple print and black, very nice.

And to the right is Neco! I was really surprised to see him, and I love his work, and I'm excited to see what else he'll bust out during the rest of LFW. 

Below is Danny D Crook. All white errythang!

Okay, so here's where my day started to get interesting... I GOT INTO THE KTZ SHOW! I'm not really gonna elaborate because it's not that important, but LOOK!

I wasn't able to capture clear shots of all of the models, but I did record a short video towards the show's end, featuring all of the models and styling, which you can view below:

And then after the show... WE MET CARRI MUNDANE! For those of you that don't know, Carri is the Creative Director and Deisgner at Cassette Playa.

Me & Carri

Rei & Carri

Siqi & Carri

I noticed that a LOT of guy were wearing platforms, wedges and various other forms of elevated shoe. Kinda jealous, cos trying to find some nice ones for my size 12 hooves is a myth, sob.

At the Roberto Piqueras presentation! Not gonna lie, was kinda disappointed because I loved what he did for SS '13 and this was a lot more tame, but ah well. Roberto himself on the right.

To the left, the guy in Martin Maison Margiela x H&M, and to the right, the lovely Ryu!

Loving this guys patterned bomber and Givenchy tee.

The lovely Randa and Carri

My awesome friend David, he was dressing the models for the KTZ show! Loving the claw rings.

And.... I MET DAWN RICHARD! Dawn was previously a part of Danity Kane, a girl group formed by P. Diddy, and she worked with him on his Dirty Money project, but now she's solo and independent. I went to see her perform earlier this week (pics to come), and I'm going to her album signing today, but I was so surprised to see her just out and about! She's so gorgeous and she has awesome style!

Loving the guys to the left and right in KTZ. Adam Lee Carson in the middle in a floral print suit, lush.

In love with guy on the right's floral print bomber and his Givenchy tee.

I love the guy on the right's coat, so damn fine- the texture and print! And to the right, the lovely VV Brown again! I spoke to her and she said that her new project would be released this year, and to get in contact with her if I wanted to read the rest of her graphic novel.

The lovely Nathan in blue fur and platforms in the middle. Also in love with the print/ sequin embellished lapels on the blazer worn by the girl on the right.

Rei, Siqi and Randa

Finally, I'm on the left! Coat from H&M, shirt from Uniqlo, KTZ bottoms and Adidas trainers. And finally, the girl in the right in a Bol$hie hat and a vintage Chanel print silk bomber.

The first day was so amazing! I'm really excited to see what the rest of LFW AW '13 will bring!


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