Friday, 18 January 2013

London Fashion Week [LFW] : Day 4

Happy New Year! I've noticed how sparse my posts on this blog have gotten. I really must fix up. nyway, here are photos from LFW day 4 (these are old photos! From 'SS13):

To the left, Roisin, the Fashion Mermaid, and to the right, a young man in a KTZ jacket and Katie Eary tee.

Nikita and Nathan. Nathan looks amazing dressed head to toe in Givenchy.

To the left, Dodo, in a KTZ hoody and Jeremy Scott x Adidas trainers. To the right, Joel, in Katie Eary jacket & tee, and Doc Martens.

Stella, looking dreamy in a soft blue ensemble.

 Forever in love by the outfits assembled by the ladies in the above photos, the PRINT! :')

In the middle, Ananya looking fabulous. And to the right, a young man in Givenchy.

The lady on the left's dress is wicked, and to the right, awesome jumper, coupled with KTZ leggings.

Ryu in the middle, and a pretty girl in loli to the right.

Girl on the left in a Givenchy tee.

Yusuke to the right.

And finally, us! To the left I am with Dodo and Joel, and to the right with Ananya. They've got such awesome style, and I was really happy to have met them. Here's to next Fashion Week! Further apologies for the lateness of this post! 

Ashley x

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  1. Looks cool Ash! FINALLY you updated! Will you do a post on Kyary too? :3