Sunday, 8 April 2012

run bunny, run!

So the past two weeks have been my Easter holiday. I'm sorry I haven't posted! Been feeling mad depressed. Le sigh. Anyway, in the second week I came down to London. Had a really good trip. I had to travel to North London to collect some golden hair extensions for a uni project (we're doing Rapunzel) and I managed to spend under a fiver! And I got LOADS!

Also ventured into Shepherd's Bush Market and got some fabric scraps. I want to make some bow ties and test out my sewing skills before I being to push YardofWynter (my upcoming fashion brand). And I got two new hats.

(The fabric! The guy in the shop tried to make me give him £6 for this bag of scraps... IS HE A NUTTER?! Got it for a fiver. Lots of nice shiny fabric and that massive blue piece is satin... and it's folded over! YEH BOI!)

I managed to meet up with my friend Jasmine who I haven't seen in forever! Since coming to uni I've drifted slightly from my friends in London so it was good to catch up. We hit Nando's. I didn't eat chicken. I know, I know. But chicken is boring these days haha.

So on Easter Saturday I hosted a picnic! It didn't go as well as planned (some people didn't turn up, and it was cold) but it didn't fail on me completely. My Oreo & Vanilla cheesecake went down a storm! It was mad, we were at the park, then moved onto KFC, and then back to the park.... then to Chinatown... then around.... We had fun! ^^

( I know the alignment is effed, blogspot pisses me off sometimes! )


And finally... my cheesecake! Well, what's left of it ha!

Had such a great trip home!

Ash x

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