Friday, 13 April 2012

shop, til i take a drop.

So today, on my quest for some art materials for my textiles course, I had a peek into the vintage shops in the Boscombe/ Pokesdown area of Bournemouth. I really wasn't planning to buy anything... BUT I had a look , and I managed to get my paws on a smoking jacket and another red jacket for £38!

I don't know what makes either jacket are, but I'm really pleased with them. ^^ The red jacket was actually £36, but the old lady couldn't see the price properly without her glasses on, and sold it to me for £26.. Call me dishonest, but why would I have corrected her if it saved me money? 

(Above is the embroidery on the smoking jacket, and the interior of the red jacket. LUSH)

The smoking jacket was £12. TWELVE POUNDS. JHEEZE. It's beautiful. I will actually wear it out and about. It's divine. I need to get it cleaned though, the inside is not the prettiest. Apparently the jacket is from the 60's. Well that was what the lady in the shop said.

I'm actually really happy. I usually don't buy on impulse, but YOLO!

Ash x


  1. When someone rings the price of something up wrong, it's hard to not think of it as fate. Once, I was debating whether to get this skirt or a pair of shorts from Topshop. The shorts were £28 and the skirt was £20 and I only had £30 and I NEEDED the shorts (the more I looked at them, the more beautiful they were). But when I got to the till, they rang up as £8! My life at that moment.. Cheese!
    That smoking jacket is beautiful. Is it a Chinese make? But I do love that red one.. it's so perf, I would have been prepared to pay £36 too actually. I need to go and check out these shops with you!

    1. I was actually willing to pay £36, but hey! I think smoking jacket possibly could be a Chinese make, and yes it is beautiful. But no tags or brand names so I can't be certain. And yes, I will be rocking my red jacket! The only thing is, I eBayed those jackets and I could have gotten one for cheaper! It's a par man. Ah well, next time innit, I want a sky blue one, and a green one.

      I was also gonna get a pair of braces, but Id already bought the jackets and they said i needed to spend £8 on card... T_T off to Primark!