Monday, 19 March 2012

it's easter next week

... And I have work to finish... which hasn't been done or started. I really need to stop procrastinating. I seem not to be able to motivate myself. This really annoys me. The woes of a student. *sigh* And I really must stop spending so much money! I don't wanna be so broke I have £60 to live off a months. Those times last year were horrible!

Anyway, I got my hair did.

I got canerows going all back this time. I just wanted something simple, and cos I got my head shaved again this time, if I'd gotten zig- zags again it would have cost me £35! The cheek of the Afro hairdressers at uni. This is one of the disadvantages of not being near a hair shop in South London. I coulda got all of this done for £20 max! Black hair is so expensive KMFRT.

Speaking of hair though, I do miss being ginger. My red hair will be coming back in the coming months. I'll need to take amazing care of it though. Before I got this done though, i tried a new thing and made an avocado protein mask to give this bush some strength. Safe to say it worked, and afterwards my hair felt very strong! When I do it next time I'll post a tutorial and recipe.

ALSO... DUNDUNDUNNNNNN... MY JEANS CAME! *insert gunfingers, "brapping" and dancing here*

Envy me bitches. These are the Logo Block print jeans from Gerlan Jeans' S/S '11 collection, Jeans & Satin. I've wanted them for so long (over half a year), and at least these babies are MINE! They went down in price massively and I just had to get them before they sold out. 

Just one little problem... they're size 34, and I've a 36. LOL motivation to lose weight for summer. So beautiful. *dreams* And look at the package it came in!

So  personalised. Go me. I am special.

I really must update my blog more often. Gonna try and do it two/ three times a week.

Ash x


  1. Those jeans are amazing *0* how do you find these things? I swear I've never seen anything like them!!
    I'm on a tight budget lately too...fighting! ♡

    1. Arigato gozaimasu ^^ f(x) wore them, and I saw them- k-pop gives me inspiration xD

      Money makes me sad, but I get my loan next month! <3