Monday, 5 March 2012

discovery of a masterpiece.

Hi! LOL, I didn't know what my first post should be, and I spent agers thinking of something, and I finally settled on FASHION.

Anybody that knows me will know that I LURVE clothes and shoes. I could live to shop. God help certain shops/ brands if I ever win the lottery. Actually serious.

So today whilst browsing the net I stumbled upon agi&sam.


(I know the image arrangement looks retarded but I duncurr. It's not my fault! ><)

Blue background photos are from S/S '11, grey from A/W '11 and orange from S/S '12.
ME GUSTA. I'm actually in love. The other pieces from the collections I'm not too keen on but I think that these are beautiful. The leggings and jumpers are brilliant. The bomber jackets are colourful and unique. That blazer... If I was walking past someone on the street and they happened to be wearing it, they'd get robbed. Simple.  Really looking forward to their upcoming collections when I shall hopefully be able to afford some of it! > <  I respect the designers because they've created stuff that I'd love to wear! THESE CLOTHES ARE BAAAADDDD! /end ghetto fanboy spazz.

Then, I came across Max Dursley Davies.


The hats and t-shirts are lush. Those hats would work well with the long braids I wanna rock in summer.

The hat even has a fold - down section to cover your eyes, like an executioners' cap! SO COOL!

Not clothes, but Brasso & Brooke have teamed up with the Cambridge Satchel Company for a line of bags that look like this:

I would rock this bag better than Britney Spears' and her wig. No lie.

Speaking of Basso & Brooke... look at these!


The collection has abut 31 jumpers but I could not be asked to post them all, just my favourites. I MUST HAVE THEM. These'll be getting released soon. My eyes are PEELED. Lawd.

Why do the things I want cost so much money?!


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