Monday, 4 June 2012

artsy fartsy.

Hey guys! I haven't updated in the longest while... been really busy and not that motivated. However, here I am.

Now some of you that know me, know that I dream of becoming a fashion designer some day. And so to reach that dream I've been attending a short course on textile printing at university. Even though I do find it a little basic, it's really fun!

This print in purple above was the first one that I'd ever done. I used a pre- mixed purple dye, and some cut outs of flower shapes to achieve this. 

The two above are the second prints that I did. I was strapped for inspiration, and so I just used Hangul! ^^ Thankyou Korea, for taking up most of my free time haha. I sketched out the characters on tracing paper, and then using carbon paper I made a stencil. I then used three different dyes to achieve this look. The top one was just inspired by my Caribbean heritage.... the second was just whichever dyes I could get my hands on.

The above textile print was achieved with batik. Batik, or wax resist is done by making patterns with hot wax, then allowing to to dry and staining the fabric with dyes. It was really fun to do, but I burned myself on the hot wax. FAIL.

I have a few other prints which I left on campus, like the dunce I am. I'll show you soon.

Next session, I'm going to try and do another print as an example that I can use for my brand! ^^ I want to do something Caribbean inspired. I'll keep you posted.

Ash x


  1. I love the patterns, Ash ^^

  2. Oh this is really cool~ I love the Caribbean colours!
    The hot wax sounds scary, I've had bad experienced with wax... lol

  3. I really like the caribbean coloured ones and the flowers~ can't wait to see more!

  4. Nice~~!☆ミ
    I can't do anything with materials ><
    I also burned my hands in wax when I did that~ I thought the pot of melted wax was water that I could rinse my hands in...aish..

    These methods would be good for the dookie bracelets~♡
    Fighto! n.n